February 17, 2016



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Since its foundation in 1943 the BSA has sought to represent solicitors practising in the City and Greater Belfast area and has always strived towards the highest professional standards in providing legal services to the community. Today the BSA represents over 700 solicitors. It provides an independent lobbying support to ensure that legal issues and challenges are debated in an informed and fair way so that in turn, members of the public can be confident that their solicitors are representing their needs and to help ensure that matters such as access to justice, legal assistance and fair representation are adequately provided or lobbied upon when these issues face pressure from declining budgets. The BSA also provides its members with the highest educational and practice development training through its excellent training and CPD programme. It recognises that to ensure open channels of communication are informed and relevant, the BSA needs to provide a legal community platform for individual members and firms alike to integrate, progress and support each other. As such the BSA social events are arguably the central events in the legal calendar whereby solicitors and barristers can come together but there are also events tailored for greater understanding and better working relationships with the business community, charities and members of the public.

The Association shall continue to promote the welfare and interests of the legal profession in general and the solicitors’ profession in the greater Belfast area in particular, and to take such steps as are available to the Association to ensure the provision of ethical and efficient legal services to the community in Belfast.

Everyone is equal before the law and all are entitled to have fair and effective access to justice, but unfortunately these two legal principles of the rule of law and access to justice are being challenged.

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