Home Charter Scheme Review Consultation

Dear Colleague

As you may be aware, the Society has been conducting a review of the Home Charter Scheme and in particular the General Conditions of Sale and the other documents within the Scheme.

As part of that review, the Society wishes to consult with the profession on the content of all the documents and to that end is now issuing the drafts listed below for consultation.

The consultation will close on Friday 6th September 2019 at 4pm.

Responses are welcomed from individual solicitors, firms or through the Local Associations.

Responses should be sent to Andrew Kirkpatrick, Head of Non Contentious Business at: andrew.kirkpatrick@lawsoc-ni.org.

The draft documents are:

1. Memorandum of Sale.

2. General Conditions of Sale Law Society of Northern Ireland (4th Edition 2019).

3. Recommended Procedures for Building Developments.

 4. Completion letter.

5. Completion Protocol.

6. Home Charter Scheme Retainer Letter.

7. Re-mortgage Estimate Form.

8. Sale Estimate Form.

9. Purchase Estimate Form.

10. Completion Statement.

11. Letter of undertaking for documents for inspection and return.

12. Letter of undertaking for deeds and net sale proceeds to lender.

13. Instruction Sheet Purchase.

14. Instruction Sheet Sale.

15. Initial Conflict of Interest Letter.

16. Conflict of Interest Letter where conflict has arisen.

17. Replies to Pre-Contract Enquiries (2019 Revision 1).

Below is the link to the Society’s website to access the draft documents: